Hit the Floor (2013)

Hit the Floor (2013)

Starring: Robert Christopher Riley, Kimberly Elise, Taylour Paige, Katherine Bailess, Logan Browning, Valery M. Ortiz

Creator: James LaRosa

Genre: Drama

Info: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2368645/

Country: USA

Hit the Floor (2013) Description: The series follows Ahsha Hayes (Taylour Paige). She’s the talented yet naive daughter of single mom Sloane Hayes (Kimberly Elise); who joins the NBA cheerleading/dance team called the Los Angeles Devil Girls. She quickly discovers that her mother lied and kept secrets involving life as a Devil Girl herself. Unsure whom to trust, Ahsha must navigate her own way through the dangerous and temptation-filled world of pro basketball. Derek Roman (McKinley Freeman) tries to lure Ahsha away from her boyfriend, German Vega (Jonathan McDaniel). The more she resists his advances, the more persistent [and tempting] he becomes as German’s insecurity overwhelms him. Ahsha’s teammate, Kyle Hart (Katherine Bailess), tries to bring him to his senses and reveals her own agenda as she explains how the world works and how she’s making that world work for her. Ahsha’s father, Pete Davenport (Dean Cain), knows firsthand how difficult that life can be as a former all-star player for the Devils. He becomes the new head coach and discovers that his past is even more complicated than he thought. Players and dancers are forbidden to date, which only makes breaking the rules more tempting as history seems to repeat itself. Devil Girls’ team captain, Jelena Howard (Logan Browning), is dating player Terrence Wall (Robert Christopher Riley) flouting the rules as the classic “mean girl” trying to keep Ahsha off balance because she sees her as a threat. Olivia Vincent (Charlotte Ross) is a former Devil Girl dancer-turned-basketball wife that oversees the squad and helps mentor Ahsha.

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